1 - Vitamin C, Flu, and Codex Alimentarius

Life-threatening viral infections can require hundreds of grams of
Vitamin C per day to treat them; almost all viral diseases have no
other effective treatment than Vitamin C. Codex Alimentarius permits
only Vitamin C tablets, not powder, to be sold, limited in size
to about 1/10 of a gram (100 mg) or less per tablet -- the so-called
"recommended daily allowance" (RDA).

This amount is "recommended" by scientists paid by the food and drug
industries, even though most animals produce about 50 times that much
(scaled from human to animal body weight) every day when they're healthy,
and about 700 times that much when they have a serious viral infection.
Food manufacturers want a very low RDA so they can say that their food
contains 100% of the required amount of Vitamin C (and other vitamins),
even though this is a lie. And drug manufacturers -- pharmaceutical
companies -- want to stop people from preventing and curing colds, flu,
and other viral diseases with Vitamin C, so they can make many billions
of dollars every year selling cold and flu drugs that give only
symptomatic relief.

Under Codex Alimentarius, any quantity of a vitamin larger than the RDA
is considered potentially toxic and is illegal to sell. This despite the fact
that for decades many people have taken 100 times the RDA of Vitamin C
-- 10 grams per day -- even when they're healthy, and a lot more if they
have a virus.

A bottle of 200 tablets thus contains only 20 grams of Vitamin C. Any larger
size, or the pure powder, requires a doctor's prescription, can only be sold
by a drug company through a pharmacy, and probably costs about ten times
what it does now through a health food store.

I'm using the present tense here, because language to implement Codex
Alimentarius was recently passed in the U.S. as part of the CAFTA law!

Thus, under Codex, a person infected with the predicted bird flu, 1918 flu,
smallpox, or other serious viral disease, and requiring 200 grams of Vitamin C
per day to save their life, has to take two thousand tablets per day --
10 bottles of 200 tablets each daily, costing perhaps $50 per day. Even if
the person's body can tolerate all the filler from that many pills, stores
will not be able to stock enough bottles to treat more than a few people.
Whereas without Codex, a single one pound bottle of Vitamin C powder can
provide treatment for more than two days at 225 grams per day, and a cost
of $10 per day.

Codex Alimentarius prevents the population from protecting itself against
viral pandemics, and ensures that massive numbers of people will die.

At the present time, before Codex is put into effect, I recommend the
immediate purchase of 6 to 10 pounds of Vitamin C powder per person.
That should be sufficient to treat an infection by bird flu, 1918 flu, etc.
Since the normal dose of Vitamin C for a healthy adult is 10 grams/day
(5 with breakfast and 5 with dinner), a pound will last 1.5 months, and
6-10 pounds 9-15 months. Tighten the lids on the jars and keep them in
a cool place and they will easily last that long without decomposition.

And organize and lobby to stop the implementation of Codex Alimentarius!